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I decided to weigh myself today for the first time since Sept 2020. I hadn’t been doing it as I’d been suffering so much with my bloating and it was making me feel down.

But since I’ve started on The Gut Reset Method, my tummy has “deflated” and I’m now at my lowest weight in a long long time. I have also been going to the gym a lot more which obviously helps the situation but it was honestly all down to stomach bloating tbh, and I reckon I was around 54kg when my tummy was at its worst. So I think I’ve lost a lot of ūüí© and bloating!¬†

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I sought Jackie’s advice last year having suffered for many years  with numerous colds and subsequent chest infections which I struggled to shake off, I also had a very poor sleeping pattern.

 Jackie organised a test to establish if there were any underlying issues and then recommended a drastic change in diet  with the addition of various supplements.  I experienced an immediate improvement in my health and wished I had discovered her earlier.  Jackie is very knowledgeable on this subject and worked hard to only make recommendations which she thought would both fit my lifestyle and that I would stick to.



Previous Lose & Shape Up (12-week) programme Testimonials

The combination of a personal trainer and professional nutrition advice makes perfect sense in the approach to weight loss and improved wellbeing.  

I found the group support from like-minded members invaluable. I have enjoyed and been impressed with the Lose & Shape Up plan, and Jackie Tarling is such an asset to DL!

PO 2013 (Pam is a current (2021) Pilates client and has been a client of mine for a number of years – since LSU)

Lose and Shape up helped me to discover that I could be a success!!  I have learnt a new way of eating and have continued to lose weight and shape up since the course has finished.  I can see a goal of losing all my weight and shaping up for the future is now attainable.

I am looking forward to coming back to the maintenance course in September, Jackie has been an inspiration!

RB, July 2013

I found Jackie’s Nutritional knowledge has been an excellent asset to the LSU classes. I have learnt and understand so¬†much¬†more now about what I am eating and feel I am making better¬†choices at meal times. As a result my body¬†shape¬†has completely changed which I am loving.

Tracey H, 2013

I would like to say it has been a very positive experience for me. ¬†As you know my motivation was different to most as I wanted to eat well and lose body fat. ¬†My physique has improved greatly and I feel so much more confident wearing short sleeve blouses (I hated to show my arms before). I also suffered such an uncomfortable stomach which I don’t get now, unless I have a treat (I mean bad food!!) and I have ditched my sugary snacks but never feel hungry or the need to eat loads of cake or chocolate! It has also helped me choose better meals for my kids.

Thank you for your advice and support

Sara P, 2013

The ” lose and shape up” ¬†course has been an inspiration, combining excellent and interesting nutrition advice from Jackie together with ¬†motivational exercise in a variety of formats. ¬†Despite being one of the oldest in the group, ( and possibly least fit and most overweight), ¬†I felt very ¬†included and supported by everyone . The weekly group support was a new experience for me and I found it reassuring and mutually beneficial when we needed encouragement. The new way of eating has been a revelation particularly after spending much of my life battling with being overweight ¬†. Previous diets ¬†involved ¬†a whole range of approaches from ¬†calorie counting to eating no fat ¬†or low fat diets. Few worked despite my best efforts and most left me hungry. Despite a considerable shift in rethinking my food intake and being able to eat full fat foods, ¬†I have lost 19lbs in 12 weeks and since the initial introductory talk, ¬†over 28lbs . I am also more energised and fitter than I ¬†have been for many years and with the additional exercise classes included have been able to ¬†make much better use of much of the ¬†equipment in the gym and feel confident when exercising on my own .

As well as weight loss my body measurements are reduced and I have dropped two dress sizes. I  would like to thank Jackie and look forward to attending the proposed maintenance course . However I am confident that I am now well on the way to being fitter and have nutrition  information to maintain a healthier lifestyle .

Victoria C, 2013

After many years of recognising I needed to get fitter and shape up, the David Lloyd LSU course appeared for me at just the right time.¬† Getting fitter was being addressed by joining the Gym in first place, however what I also needed was the nutritional information that would help me really connect the two elements together.¬†¬†Like most other people¬†looking to lose weight I have tried other diet plans such as ‘Weight Watchers’ using the points system, needless to say whist there was¬†a weight loss initially clearly this was not going to be sustained because nutritionally the guidance lacked the most important information and that was the ‘value’ of food and how your body reacts to different food groups, but more importantly how your body uses food for fuel, energy,¬†good health¬†and weight sustainability.

The Nutritional instruction I have received in the course has been exceptional, I can without hesitation say my whole perspective on what I eat & how much I eat has changed for good !¬† This is no ‘diet’ it is clearly a new way of thinking for life, this new approach to eating is not a chore as most ‘diets’ are, eating is enjoyable as I am eating the right food for me which¬†is sustainable in the long term due to the changes and choices I am making¬†and will continue to make.

Over the duration of the course I managed to lose 9lb, this is just the start for me which is exactly what I needed, but more importantly I now have the knowledge that will ensure I go on to lose more over the coming weeks and months.

Julie H, 2013

Over the past few years I have probably tried every diet & eating plan going including Atkins, Dukan, detoxes, slimming world, alternate fasting etc. Whilst they have all worked to start with I could  never maintain the plans and end up giving up. Then have ended up putting on more weight!

After some recent health problems I wanted to address some recent weight gain and start exercising to look at life in a more holistic way. I decided to join David Lloyd’s Lose and shape up program.¬†

I can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made! The nutritional advice has been invaluable. It has dispelled many myths about so called “diet” foods and allowed me to fuel my body with foods that have nutritional value. I don’t view it that I’m on a diet. I feel that I have just made achievable life long changes to how I eat.¬†

The exercise segment of the program has been inspiring too. Being a new member to gym it has allowed me to meet fellow members and many of the fitness team. I have learnt new ways of exercising to maximise muscle gain and weight loss. 

However, for me the greatest difference has been that my life is now not ruled by what the scales say and I’ve stopped viewing everything I eat as to whether it will make me “fat” or “thin. I now know it is a combination approach to a balanced diet & exercise is the key.

Cassie T, 2014

Thank you Jackie. It was a great session, always feel uplifted afterwards.

Louise G, 2012

"Everything in excess Is opposed by nature"


"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"


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