Getting a diagnosis of SIBO


If you are experiencing bloating and/or any of the accompanying symptoms I’ve described, I would recommend you see your GP.

Many GPs now test for SIBO, which means you can get tested and treated for SIBO on the NHS. However, not all doctors recognise SIBO, and some may not have even heard of it.

Also, some GPs who have heard of SIBO may not be aware that it can cause constipation as well as diarrhoea. A 2020 study brought together some of the latest research and guidelines on SIBO here and it confirms that SIBO can cause constipation.

Please note that your GP cannot test you for SIBO. If your GP wants you to get a SIBO test, they will need to refer you to a gastroenterologist who will carry out the test, usually at a hospital.

Some NHS trusts don’t test for SIBO, so even if your GP agrees that you should have a SIBO test, in some areas they can’t refer you for one.

If you live in an area where the NHS doesn’t test for SIBO, you can get a SIBO test privately, either through myself when you sign up as a client of mine or another provider.


The SIBO breath test – what are the limitations and why I don’t always recommend this test


The trouble is a breath test won’t tell me the bigger picture. As a practitioner who is looking into the underlying factors of why your health is where it is, I like to know more! 🕵️‍♀️

Yes, the breath test will tell me SIBO is there but it limits me.

It can’t answer my questions such as how did you get SIBO and also what’s the pattern that’s occurring.

This is where comprehensive stool testing comes in to its own. I favour using a test called the GI Ecologix test details

GI EcologiX™ is the ultimate gut health and microbiome stool test using qPCR & ELISA technology to provide a comprehensive analysis of the GI ecosystem and chronic disease-related microbial (bacteria, yeast, parasites) markers, which are backed by the clinical literature, alongside host health markers.​


– 7 x health markers to assess inflammation, immune function, digestion, gut barrier health, and occult blood

– 63 x microbial markers including markers related to IBD, mucin degradation and gut barrier impairment, SCFA production, SIBO, H. pylori, dysbiosis, inflammation

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