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My Story

Meet Jackie, BANT Registered Nutritionist®, PT and Pilates Instructor

I showed the GP my bloated belly – he just laughed at me!

I came away from that appointment frustrated and defeated 😥

So how did it all start?

During my teenage years, I started to suffer with bad facial acne.

At the age of 17, I was prescribed antibiotics for 6 months!

They cleared the acne but as soon as I came off the antibiotics, the acne returned. So, I was back to square one! Not only that, I started to notice my tummy getting bloated after eating food. I also started to suffer with sinus congestion and horrendous headaches.

During my early 30s I was still suffering with acne, bloating and sinus issues and working in a sedentary job as a computer programmer. Sometimes in meetings I would be really embarrassed when my gut made weird noises which I couldn’t control.

At one point I went to see a therapist who muscle tested me for intolerances. He found loads of intolerances and sent me away with a long list of foods I couldn’t eat with no support whatsoever.

I felt cheated and overwhelmed. And I frustratingly, I was back to square 1!

Maybe like I was, you are also frustrated and thinking:

How can I stop the bloating and needing the toilet urgently?

I just want to feel comfortable after eating

I would love to have a normal bowel movement and not be constipated

I dread eating out

I just want to feel healthy, lose weight and feel less bloated

I would love to not have to take Imodium to get me through my longer runs


I did after many years find there was light 💡 at the end of the tunnel

I connected with a Nutritionist/Naturopath. This is when my life turned around.

She believed I had gut issues including an overgrowth of Candida and recommended a protocol similar to what we Nutritionists call the 4r protocol (more on that another time).

At that time, I would never have associated my GUT with my skin or my sinuses.

On her advice, I eliminated some foods temporarily, and I also took some recommended gut support supplements, and over 6 months the acne cleared, my bloating reduced, and sinus issues improved.

I was amazed to be honest and could not believe the power of nutrition, and I was so delighted with the outcome, I felt really passionate about helping others do the same😊


Want to know why?

I didn’t feel fulfilled in my IT career and even though it was very lucrative I knew I wanted to help the many people out there like me who were looking for support.

Maybe you’re bloated and at the point of giving up. You want to get better, but something is holding you back – fear that it’s another thing that won’t work

Whichever it is, you can take back ownership of your life and make it into something that not only makes you feel happy but nourishes you.

This can only happen if you change.

Simply ignoring the problem won’t fix it. You’ll just end up more frustrated.

There’s so much information online but information overload only serves to confuse you

There’s also a load of incorrect myths out there which muddy the waters even more

The longer it continues, the more unpleasant the symptoms can become

But what if you could take back control of your health? Be able to go out for meals without having to plan ahead, socialise and feel confident about your body, and not be a prisoner to IBS?

Finding the cause requires a bit of time, the right mindset and attitude and to be open to change and learning new things

Are you ready to take back control of your body again?

Then you’re in the right place.