Hi, I’m Jackie Tarling and I’m a mum of 2, BANT Registered Nutritionist® and Pilates Instructor, and founder of The Gut Reset Method.

I offer a step-by-step formula for women experiencing bloating, pain and IBS symptoms, who want to beat the bloat and take back control of their bodies so they can go out with confidence.

The reason I chose to create this method is I too have suffered with bloating and IBS symptoms and in addition acne until my mid 30s! At the age of 17, I was put on long-term antibiotics to treat my acne and although it cleared up whilst on them, it returned with vengeance once I had come off them. In addition, I also noticed that my stomach was bloating after eating – this was the first time I had experienced this.

My diet was and had been pretty good in some ways as I always had homemade meals at home but I was eating a lot of sweet products, having sugar in my tea and eating a lot of wheat products.  

Years passed  – I was working long hours in an office environment, seated for hours, as a computer programmer and this definitely seemed to exacerbate the acne and IBS problem. I started to experience more bloating and was also having a lot of sinus issues. I went back to the doctor regarding the acne and they prescribed me the contraceptive pill, Dianette for acne. This again helped massively but I wasn’t allowed to stay on it for long due to its liver damaging effects!

And the acne returned.

In 2000 I was living in Warwickshire and after looking into diet a little I decided to visit a Naturopathic Nutritionist. To cut a long story short, this was the turning point.  I left the first consultation with a list of supplements to purchase, one to support my liver and another was a strong probiotic course, as well as information about making some significant changes to my diet. For the next couple of months I made changes to my diet and took the supplements, and my skin started to clear.

I returned and my supplements were changed and I kept on with the diet.  I have not had a reoccurrence of acne since then. 

I was absolutely overwhelmed by the power of diet and supplements. So I decided to start studying anatomy and physiology whilst still working in IT and then in 2002 I trained as a fitness instructor. Later that year and during my first pregnancy, I decided to start a degree in Nutritional Medicine. I have never looked back.

Changing my diet and being more aware of what I was putting in my body also helped alleviate the bloating and sinus issues and I have since worked on this area with great results.

I graduated in 2008 and have been in private practice since then as well as working for a  health supplement company (Cytoplan) for over 3 years. 

I am now completely self-employed working with clients 1:1 and very soon I will be launching a new nutrition and lifestyle programme called The Gut Reset Method. 

In my 13 years in the nutrition industry, I have found that in many areas of disease, the gut is at the centre and should always be considered first.



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