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Jackie Tarling BSc N.Med, mBANT, CNHC

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I’m looking for ladies who want to beat the bloat so they can take back control of their bodies again, go out for meals, socialise and be free of IBS.


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To focus on getting clarity around what’s going on with you right now with regard to your health and bloating and IBS symptoms. Find out what is and isn’t working and how to move forward.


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I decided to weigh myself today for the fish time since Sept 2020. I hadn’t been doing it as I’d been suffering so much with my bloating and it was making me feel down.

But since I’ve started on this course (The Gut Reset Method), my tummy has “deflated” and I’m now at my lowest weight in a long long time. I have also been going to the gym a lot more which obviously helps the situation but it was honestly all down to stomach bloating tbh, and I reckon I was around 54kg when my tummy was at its worst.

So I think I’ve lost a lot of undecided and bloating!

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